Beret Deku fan art
Beret Deku fan art

Beret Deku fan art

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Deku appliqué fan art beret!

This gorgeous one of a kind yellow wool beret, adult size, features a large Deku appliqué in faux leather & glitter faux leather. A true labour of love because of all the intricate features, this little cutie is sure to impress❣️
The front of the beret has another feature of Deku... all fans will know exactly what it is 😉 broken bones!

The inner measurements of the beret is approximately 14cm in diameter & the circumference is approx 27cm in diameter. As this beret is wool, it can be stretched to fit but please be gentle!

Spot clean only!

Have another favourite character in mind? I do commissions & can create it for you!